The Fat Duck ***

October 6th, 2017
London, UK

3 Stars Michelin Guide
The World’s 50 Best Life Time Achievement Award
Chef: Heston Blumenthal

The Fat Duck Restaurant in Bray, London

Welcome to a magical place.

The Fat Duck, the flagship restaurant from ground breaking chef Heston Blumenthal Located in Bray, about 90min away from central London, The Fat Duck is a place that will transport you in time. Recently renovated and relocated, The Fat Duck takes you into a journey of Chef’s favorite memories of his childhood.

The journey is interactive and full of emotions. There are ‘storytellers’ rather than servers. Each chapter of the menu, which you have to read with a magnifying glass, takes you into the journey of the anticipation the the holidays, one plate and smile at a time.

Once you leave you wont be the same, you will change, you will want to come back, because there are no other place that can transport you back in time.

Welome to The Fat Duck.

Table set with a magnifying glass that will help you through your journey
the menu at The Fat Duck
our storyteller preparing to convert us into ‘dragons’
the first bite is a choice of cocktail. I obviously chose ‘the pin colada’
beet & horseradish
‘just the tonic we need’ = smoked cumin royale, jerusalem artichoke ice cream
‘morning: rise & shine, it’s breakfast time’
truffle egg mousse, jelled tomato consomme, bacon and toasted bread cream, cereals
‘excuse me, my tea seems to be cold…. and hot’
“Sound of the sea”
“Can I have some money for an ice cream?” = waldorf salad ‘rocket’ – salmon, avocado and horseradish ‘twister’ – cram & passion fruit ’99’
“Then we went Rockpooling” = cornish crab, smoked caviar and trout roe, velvet of white chocolate and sea vegetables
“If you go down to the woods today” = mushroom, beet and blackberry, scented with fig leaf, meadowsweet, melilot, oakmoss and black truffle
Mock turtle soup
“pocket watch”
Mock turtle soup
Mock turtle soup
& toast sandwich
“Are you ready for dinner” = seriously enough for the kids, fun enough for the adults.
scallops and potatoes
sweet breads and salsa verde
whiskey tasting
“Bed time: off to the land of nod”
“Counting Sheep” = malt, orange blossom, tonka, milk, meringue, crystallized white chocolate, pistachio
“Like a kid in a sweet shop”
“Like a kid in a sweet shop”
oxchoc, caramel in edible wrapper, queen of hearts jam tart, mandarin scented aerated chocolate


Minibar by Jose Andres **

November 2nd, 2017
Washington DC. USA
The World’s 50 Best Discovery Series
2 Stars Michelin Guide
Chef: Jose Andres

head chef Joshua Hermias

A meal at minibar is always an experience. Jose Andres and team push boundaries of what is expected from food in his 24-seat counter in the heart of Washington DC.

Recently awarded 2 michelin stars for the second year in a row, the menu is extensive and interactive in many levels. Come in with an open mind and prepared to be fed by the chefs and blow smoke out of your nose. You will be at the first row of a show like no other in the country.

first bites of the night: pizza marguerita | puffed rice
black rock orchards apple hot toddy
beet & yogurt burtterfly
pineapple shortbread
plating the uni and iberico droplet
maine uni in an ibero droplet
parmesan spoons with basil air
gorgonzola dolce
cryovac carrot
gin & tonic hand towel
pumpkin tart
life langoustine presentation
plating of the langoustine
scottish langoustine
sous chef Charles plating the crab and head sommelier Karl explaining the pairings
lump island crab with broccoli & cheddar sphere
monkish with lemon yolks
plating of the ‘fast & slow’
‘fast & slow’, rabbit jus, snail caviar
thai rabbit, figs, peanut air
squab salmis, heart of palms
shaved ice salad
almond cake with caviar
coca dulce with asian flavors
beeswax ice cream
little piggy
chocolate and bacon ice cream
T-rex: raspberry mochi, key lime pie bon bon, coriander abanico, white chocolate shiso leaf
chocolate golden egg (kinder)
mini lego chef

Hedone *

October 6th, 2017
London, United Kingdom
No 98 at The World’s 50 Best Restaurants

1 Star Michelin Guide
Chef: Mikael Jonsson

Hedone in Chiswick, UK
set up at the kitchen counter at Redone
welcome bubbles: Drappier
open kitchen in action at Redone
Hedone, UK.
vitello tonnato cornet
beet root and foie gras
fish and chips with tartare sauce
oyster, apple foam, cucumber granita
plankton jelly with caviar
fresh sourdough
devon crab with hazelnut cream
one of the best expressions of vegetables i have seen
first truffles of the season
scallops with white truffle
crispy skin sea bass
the sea bass dish was specially made for this wine which Chef is very fond of.
sweetbreads, sorrel sauce and seasonal vegetables
freshest foie gras with miso sauce, ginger and cashews
squab with ceps, figs and chesnuts
merengue of lemon with thyme sorbet, yes and clementine
mille fuel with black sesame, cherry and vinegar
last bite

The Clove Club *

October 7th, 2017
London, United Kingdom
No 26 at The World’s 50 Best Restaurants

1 Star Michelin Guide
Chef: Isaac McHale

The Clove Club Dining Room in London.

The Clove Club in London started started as a ‘supper club’ and found residence in Shoreditch, London in 2013 quickly becoming one for he best restaurant in the area.

Chef Isaac, who has previously worked at London’s The Ledbury as well as world renown Noma in Copenhagen, focuses on unique offerings of the area’s vegetables, game and seafood into a very simple and minimalistic presentations but with very complex and intense flavors.

The Clove Club not only is a success because of their well crafted menu of 5 or 7 courses but the hospitality here goes above and beyond taking a modern approach where the team will let you be your self at the table and even let you top off your own wine and water, no pressure.

With a beautiful blue tiled open kitchen, guests in the dining room can enjoy all the work being done by the kitchen, a bar area also offers great cocktails and tasting menus and all the reservations are done using the Tock ticketing system.

crab tart with brown crab hollandaise & deviled spices
buttermilk fried chicken in pine salt
a homage to chef’s native Scotland: warm haggis buns
flamed mackerel sashimi, english mustard, cucumber & chrysanthemum
one of the signature dishes and an impressive flavor combination: raw Orkney scallop, hazelnut, clementine & Wiltshire truffle.
cornish sardine sashimi & worcestershire sauce. Additional a dash broth made with the bones of the sardine in order to utilize the whole product. The sardine flavor was very unique and deliciously intense.
fresh cuts of Magalica pork. This Hungarian breed is my favorite one around.
hazelwood grilled pollock, green peppercorn hollandaise & Morecambe Bay shrimp sauce
a little buckwheat pancake of crisp suckling pig belly. Dish inspired in a trip to Mexico’s Pujol.
tender lamb belly with super crispy and crunchy skin
roast fallow pricket, celeriac, blackberries & smoked bone marrow
fig leaf granita, sheep’s milk yoghurt & figs
warm potato mousse, caramel ice cream & coffee
heated barley cake, salted caramel chocolate, Dr. Henderson’s bon bon
The open kitchen at The Clove Club in London

Have you ever been to the Clove Club? How much did you like it?

Michelin DC: 2018 Rumors 

It is that time of the year again! Exactly one year ago (10/13/2017), the red guide arrived to Washington DC. With much controversy, Michelin awarded only 19 Bib Gourmands in 2017 (and 16 this year), 3 two stars, and 9 one stars.

Michelin, for many, is considered as the most important restaurant rating guide in the world and for many Chefs, attaining one star means is the pinnacle of their careers.

Washington DC’s food scene has been growing exponentially in the past few years. It is a great time to dine in the Capital of the country
The Michelin Guide launched the first edition of Washington DC in 2017.
The Michelin Guide 2018 will be released this Tuesday October 17th 2018 and we are already hearing some rumors about who will be crown king of the DC food scene and how many restaurants will be elevated to the dreamed status of michelin starred.

Bib Gourmands are the “great value” restaurant list. Here, the anonymous inspectors are looking for an appetizer, main course, and a dessert or glass of wine within under $40 before tip and tax. These are the 2018 Bib Gourmand Restaurants:

  • Bad Saint
  • Bidwell
  • Boqueria
  • Chercher
  • China Chilcano
  • Das
  • Doi Moi
  • Jaleo
  • Hazel
  • Ivy City Smokehouse
  • Kyrisan
  • Lapis
  • Maketto
  • Ottoman Taverna
  • Oyamel
  • Pearl Dive Oyster Palace
  • Sfoglina
  • The Red Hen
  • The Royal
  • Thip Khao
  • 2 Amys
  • Zaytinya

This year I was expecting a higher amount of “Great Value” restaurant on the list. However, I was not expecting many of this restaurants to move up to the starred category as we know the Michelin guide is known for looking for consistency which means it sometimes takes years for a restaurant to be moved from one category to another.

Omelette at Pineapple & Pearls

Will DC welcome a new King?

For Michelin, DC was not worthy of the highest award on its first released in 2017. However, 3 restaurants received 2 stars:

  • Minibar by Jose Andres
  • Pineapple & Pearls
  • The Inn at Little Washington

I have witness these three restaurants on several visits during this year to really up their offerings and building a better experience in order to capture and charmed those michelin inspectors. However, most of the word on the street is that Michelin will play hard to get one more year (or more) and keep the 3 stars category empty to create that illusion of ‘unattainable price’. Some others feels that the oldest restaurant in the area will finally be crowned king of the Capital while some others feel that the lately affinity of michelin with modern experiences as seen with the elevation of the techno-emotional Ultraviolet increase chances for DC’s most avant garde and futuristic restaurant to claim such price.

Tail up Goat does modern greek in a casual environment

Squab Saltimbocca at Fiola

The Dreamers: The 2 stars Category:

With currently three restaurants in the 2 stars list, the big question is if any of the 1 stars will be elevated by the red guide. The current 1 star restaurants are the following:

  • Tail up Goat
  • Masseria
  • Fiola
  • Sushi Taro (Omakase Counter)
  • Rose’s Luxury
  • Kinship
  • Plume
  • Blue Duck Tavern
  • The Dabney

While some think that Metier or Komi will be automatically elevated to 2 stars, some others feel that the elegant Italian eatery of Fabio Trabocchi may have the best chances to be the winning restaurant this year. Kinship has always been doing worthy food and Sushi Taro has an edge due to the red guide affinity to well crafted sushi.

Fish Tartare at Plume
The Dabney
Sashimi starter at Sushi Taro

New Stars in the District

The last questions are if the red guide will award any new stars in the district this year. With so many great openings this year the first though is that we will see quite some new stars popping up. Himitsu is by many the strongest contender in this category. Komi and Little Serow, the big omissions last year are also expected to make their appearance here. Mirabelle checks all the boxes to be awarded one star and Metier, who many believe may do the big jump to two stars is a solid candidate to land one star as well.

Desserts at Masseria
Blue Duck Tvern
Rose’s Luxury Lychee Salad
What are your thoughts on this years Michelin release? who gains stars?


October 7th, 2017
London, United Kingdom
No 54 at The World’s 50 Best Restaurants

1 Star Michelin Guide
Chef: James Lowe

Lyle’s is located in Shoreditch, London

This cool and unpretentious restaurant led by Chef James Lowe serves an A La Carte lunch menu and a Set tasting menu for dinner for less than $80. It is probably the best deal in town.

Chef James Lowe has worked under some of the most prominent Chefs in the UK as Heston Blumenthal (The Fat Duck) and Fergus Henderson (St. John). It is in the latest that we can see most of the influence on his current menu with the great focus on high quality humble ingredients and whole utilization of products.

Lyle’s view of open kitchen and dining room

The restaurant is young and hipped, with wooden tables and white walls. Service is casual but very warm and genuine. The open kitchen allows the guests to be part of the experience. The wine list is obscure and delicious. The menu is short but fulfilling, And the way Chef Lowe turns humble ingredients into minimalistic dishes that you want to come back for, is a re-assurement of the accolades and praise Lyle’s has gotten in the past few years.

This is a place that you want to come back… and some back often.

Roasted cauliflower on cauliflower puree
Fried octopus and cobnuts
Hispi cabbage with dulse butter
pumpkin with whey and cobnuts
girolles, parasol mushrooms and Cotswold Legbar Egg
black fig with fig leaf ice cream
final sweet

Have you ever been to Lyle’? If so what are your thoughts?

Pujol: Taco Omakase

September 25th, 2017
Mexico City, Mexico
No 20 at The World’s 50 Best Restaurants

No 5 at The Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants

Pujol’s ‘Barra de Tacos’ has 11 seats where guests are treated to a set menu of tacos and beverages.

With a very dynamic gastronomic scene and a growing number of restaurants and chefs, Mexico City has become one of the most important food cities in the past few years and reason behind my fourth trip to this amazing country in 2017.

Enrique Olvera, for many, has been the master mind behind the growth of haute cuisine in Mexico, taking humble ingredients and street food to a level never seen before in our gastronomic universe.

After the successful opening of Cosme, Enrique’s restaurant in NYC, Pujol relocated a few months ago within the same upscale district of Polanco, taking in a more youthful but refined ambiance with plenty of natural bright light and minimalistic approach in a wooden driven dining room.

Pujol is the crown jewel of Mexico City and Enrique Olvera
Set up at the bar for the Taco Omakase. 

Taco Omakase

A word usually reserved for sushi places, the taco omakase (or barra de tacos) is a set menu of about 8 tacos servings and beverage pairings that includes cocktails, beers, and wine.

I truly found this concept ‘genius’. Who else is doing ‘taco’ tasting? The progression of Tacos were crafted perfectly showcasing different tortillas as well as different key local products and sauces. The Taco Omakase has been one of the best culinary experiences I had this year. I truly urge you to experience it.

The bar at Pujol is well adorned with a unique selection of spirits
Botanas: Avocado ‘flauta’ with chapulines (grasshoppers) 
Elote tatemado with coffee mayonnaise and chicatana ant powder
Scallop tostada with onions, avocado and parsley
‘Tetela’ with black bean and sea urchin
Aubergine taco, with white corn tortilla, hola santa and avocado
Taco de ‘Carnitas’, pork confit, red onions, capers on a blue corn tortilla
Lamb Barbacoa, on aromatic corn tortilla, avocado and squash blossoms 
Soft Shell Crab Taco with a watercress sauce on a yellow corn tortilla
‘Mole Madre, Mole Nuevo Taco’, on hoja santa. This Mole Madre or ‘old mole’ was 1392 days old. Similar to a ‘solera’ method, the new mole is added daily to the old one to create a unique consistency and level of complexity.
burned orange sorbet with chile ‘guajillo’ snow
Pujol’s patio is a very relaxed environment to finish the meal
Corn ‘nicuatole’ with corn sorbet, cinnamon and yaka (jackfruit)
The ultra-famous and also classic “Churro”
My mother who joined me on this visit to Pujol.

Have you been to Pujol in Mexico city or Enrique’s Cosme in NYC? What are your thoughts?

Next: The World’s 50 Best

September 17th, 2017
Chicago, USA
4 Stars, Chicago Tribune

Next: The World’s 50 Best Menu

I can only think of one restaurant in the world that would enjoy challenging themselves so much that would think of making a menu gathering recipes together and collaborating with most restaurant of the prestigious World’s 50 Best list.

‘Next’, the ever-changing restaurant in Chicago from Chef Grant Achatz and led by talented Chef Jenner Tomaska and team created a unique and ‘one-in-a-life time’ menu that transports you, dish by dish, to each specific restaurant around the world. From Spain to Denmark and from Lima to Singapore, the team at Next reached out to numerous restaurant around the world and with no surprised most of them responded positively sending recipes, videos, ingredients and even service pieces.

This is your one chance to experience 18 dishes from The Best Restaurants in the World all in one place. Next: The World’s 50 Best.

View from the Kitchen Table at Next Restaurant

Quique Dacosta

The first course the night came from Denia, Spain. Quique Dacosta holds 3 michelin stars and is placed at No 62 in the world’s 50 Best. ‘The Rose’ seats at the middle of the table as a centerpiece, hiding ribbons of apple and pomegranate that that are meant to be enjoyed as your first bite of the night with the help of golden tweezers. Surprising, fun, delicious… the tone of the meal is set… and it’s great!

‘Rose’, apple, pomegranate


The Second course comes from Denmark courtesy of 3 michelin star and No 19 in The World’s 50 Best list: Geranium. Rasmus Kofoed, the only Chef in history to ever won bronze, silver, and gold at prestigious Bocuse d’Or competition shared his Jerusalem Artichoke recipe with walnut and rye which was beautifully arranged at the center of the table under a bed greens and moss as it is usually found at the nordic restaurant.

Jerusalem Artichoke, walnut, rye


The third course of the night brings us back to Spain where Chef Andoni Luis Aduriz (2 michelin stars and No 9 at The World’s 50 Best) creates a techno-motional menu that is meant to fill the souls and play with your emotions. Oyster and radish flowers are are set on top of an ice sphere and with no cutlery provided, it encourages our interaction by holding the sphere with two hands and giving it a big kiss… hence the name ‘An Oyster’s Frozen Kiss’

‘An Oyster’s Frozen Kiss’, oyster, radish flowers
‘An Oyster’s Frozen Kiss’ from Mugaritz in San Sebastian

Eleven Madison Park

The Best Restaurant in the World by the World’s 50 Best list (and also 3 michelin stars) not only provided the recipe of it’s ‘Eggs Benedict’ but also sent all the flatware for the team at Next to creat the dish exactly as it is in New York. Rich and creamy this dish is decadent and playful at the same time.

‘Eggs Benedict’, caviar, asparagus, ham


The Best Restaurant in Latin America and No 5 at The World’s 50 Best List it is led by Peruvian Chef Virgilio Martinez and explores the biodiversity of Peru through a menu of altitudes. ‘Marine Soil’ is an example of the 0m altitude showcasing sea urchin, jicama and razor clams.

‘Marine Soil, sea urchin, jicama, razor clam


Chef Mauro Colagreco leads the Kitchen at Mirazur in Menton, France. At No 4 at the World’s 50 Best List and holding 2 michelin stars, chef showcases his Argentine-Italian heritage with mediterranean flavors in his ‘Squid’ bagna cauda dish with artichoke and squid ink.



Bison tartare and sunchoke is served center table as you would get it at New York City’s Estela by Chef Ignacio Mattos. Unpretentions and fun place where great food and wine is shared in a great environment. (No 66 at The World’s 50 Best List).

‘Tartare’, bison, sunchoke, toast

Blue Hill at Stone Barns

At No11, Dan Barber’s Blue Hill at Stone Barns is the 2017 ‘highest climber’ at The World’s 50 Best List . Field to table and farm driven, Dan Barber went above and beyond and not only sent the recipe of his Badger Flame Beet but also sent the seeds so the Next team can grow them in time for the menu release.

Badger Flame Beet of Blue Hill at Stone Barns

Osteria Francescana

The best restaurant in Europe and No 2 at The World’s 50 Best list, Massimo Bottura draws inspiration from art and music to create contemporary Italian cuisine at his 3 michelin star restaurant in Modena. Often playing with traditions, chef and team shared their ‘Riso Cacio e Pepe’ which was generously adorned with table side truffles.

Riso Cacio e Pepe’ with Parmigiano Reggiano.
Chef Jenner Tomaska shaving truffles for the Riso Cacio e Pepe

Restaurant Tim Raue

Located in Berlin at the No 48 in the World’s 50 Best list, Tim Raue fusions Asian flavors with Western ingredients. Holding 2 michelin stars, the langoustine with wasabi is one of the greatest examples of his cuisine.

‘Langoustine’ with wasabi, mango and thai vinaigrette from Restaurant Tim Raue in Berlin, Germany

De Librije

Chef Jonnie Boer has been influential for Dutch cuisine for the past twenty years and De Librije in the The Netherlands is the major expression of the country’s gastronomic experience with 3 michelin stars and at No 34 at The World’s 50 Best list. The Monkfish with aubergine and fermented peppers is a great expression of his culinary vision.

Monkfish with aubergine and fermented peppers from De Librije in The Netherlands


Modern Mexican cuisine with emphasis in local and greens, Jorge Vallejo stands at No 22 at The Worlds 50 Best list and the ‘Vuelve a la Vida’ which translates to ‘bring me back to life’ is a great examples of the a classic Mexican dish through the eyes of a visionary.

‘Vuelve a la Vida’, scallops, beef tongue, salsa bruja from Chef Jorge Vallejo at Quintonil in Mexico City


A restaurant that needs no introduction and currently undergoing a renovation, Noma is set to re-open soon and this is the closest we can get to it in the USA. King Crab with outstanding umami flavors from the one month fermented beef garum.

King Crab with beef gram and hen’s egg yolk from Rene Redzepi at Noma in Copenhagen


At No 32 at The World’s 50 Best List and best restaurant in Australasia, Chef Ben Shewry is the ambassador for Australian gastronomy showcasing culture, local products, and wildlife at his restaurant Attica in Melbourne. The ‘all parts of the pumpkin’ opened our eyes to everything that is possible with just one humble ingredient.

‘All Parts of the Pumpkin’, skin, seeds, flesh
All Parts of the Pumpkin

Next Restaurant

One of the most innovative and creative restaurants of our times. ‘Squab Chaudfroid’ draws inspiration from Chef Tomaska affinity to classic French cuisine .

‘Squab’, parsnip, almond, lavender from Jenner Tomaska at Next Restaurant in Chicago

Restaurant Andre

French Nouvelle cuisine located in Singapore, chef Andre Chiang’s ‘Octaphilosophy’ is the center of inspirations for his multi course menu at his 2 michelin star restaurant. At No 14 in the World’s 50 Best list, the dish called ‘Memory’ is a great example of one of the eight elements that are core to his philosophy.

‘Memory’ with foie gras, black truffle and chives


Noma alumni, Chef Christian Puglisi holds 1 michelin star and sits at the No 39 at The World’s 50 Best list for his approach to flavorful new nordic cuisine as shown in apples with chanterelles dessert.

‘Apples’ with chanterelles dessert from Chef Christian Puglisi at his restaurant in Copenhagen


The restaurant lead by Chef Grant Achatz brought back to life one of the desserts that shaped modern gastronomy in the USA and the world. “Chocolate” painted and eaten from the table.

‘Chocolate’, blueberry, yogurt. Painted on the table. Eaten from the table.
‘Chocolate’ Art
amazing time at Next World’s 50 Best

Have you been been to Next Restaurant? or have you tried any of the restaurants showcased in their World’s 50 Best menu?


August 27th, 2017
Old San juan, Puerto Rico

Marmalade restaurant in old San Juan. View from the bar area.

The Best Restaurant in The Caribbean

Lets face it. If you have been here you know it. If you haven’t, then you need to plan trip to Puerto Rico very soon. Marmalade Restaurant is the best Restaurant in the Caribbean.

It has been one of my favorite places for several years now. I have truly lost count on how many times I visited the restaurant as I lived in Puerto Rico for 3 lucky years. I would never forget the very first time I dined here. I was so impressed by the passion that showed in each plate. The attention and focus on ingredients was inspiring, the wine list was admirable and the warmth that Chef radiated as he chat with every table in the restaurant was impressive.

The “Popcorn Shrimp” – cilantro & garlic grilled shrimp lacquered with anejo tequila rest atop poblano guacamole and ancho-chili spiced popcorn
Pacific Yellowtail Poke – served island style with ginger, lemongrass & organic soy mixed with compressed watermelon

The Chef

Chef Peter Schintler grew up in Iowa and attended culinary school in Baltimore. At a young age he was able to work under impressive Master Chefs in New York, Ireland and England. His journey also included running one of the best Resorts in America as well as one of the most successful restaurants in Asia.

After cooking around the world Chef found a home in Puerto Rico where he has been working closely with local farmers in order to source the best possible products locally. In a island that imports most of their food and frying is an specialty, Chef Peter found a new way of doing things bringing a great focus on vegetables and focus on local products. Still remains one of the best vegetarian tasting menus I have ever tried.

Paella  – “sushi esque” bite size pieces of crispy Andalusian style paella filled with smoked chicken, peas & peppers flavored with a saffron- garlic espuma & a chorizo-tomato sauce
Heirloom Golden Beets  – raw hearts of palm, local avocado, organic radish carpaccio, goat cheese, grapefruit & almond vinaigrette
Heirloom Tomatoes – medley of sweet and savory heirloom varietals layered with buffalo milk mozzarella dressed with Spanish olive oil, fresh local passion fruit & basil sprouts

That Famous Soup…

One of the items that are in my all time top 10 dishes is the “Tiny White Bean Soup”. It is simply addictive ! White bean with black truffles, scallions and pancetta (big bowl please!)

I have heard stories that people fly the soup to their countries and big companies have tried to buy the recipe to make it available worldwide (maybe all rumors). They do give you sometimes a card with the recipe but as we all know there is always the secret ingredient missing.

Tiny White Bean Soup  – scallions, black truffle oil & pancetta “dust”

The menu at Marmalade is Pre-Fixe and you can choose a four, five or six from all the items in it. All courses in the menu has a pairing recommendation. I have always admired Chef’s Peter love for wine as much as for food. He always showing bottles rarely available in the market and the pairings are simply on point.

Hudson Valley Duck Cocotte – boneless duck legs layered with baked parsnips, cabbage and nutmeg yams bound with a foie gras gravy
Horseradish-Potato Gnocchi – shiraz braised beef ribs, wilted peppery greens & crispy beetroot

Desserts don’t fall behind on this menu. “The Millionaire’s Ice Cream” has always been one of my top desserts. Vanilla Ice cream with hazelnut and honeycomb topped with a generous portion of truffles. Life is good in Puerto Rico!

“The Millionaires Ice Cream” – double dose of fresh fall truffles….churned into the ice cream with hazelnuts and honeycomb while resting under a sheath of freshly shaved truffles over the top
Good friends sharing amazing food at Marmalade Restaurant in Puerto Rico

Have you been to Marmalade Restaurant before? if not what are your favorite restaurants in the Caribbean?