Lunch at AJI in the MGM Cotai, Macau. Aji is the new venture of Mitsuharu Tsumura from multi award winner restaurant ‘Maido’ in Lima Peru. Nikkei cuisine, a fusion between Peruvian and Japanese shines in this beautiful restaurant. 3/28/18

View of Aji Restaurant in the MGM Cotai
AJI Macau
A selection of products inclusing Peruvian squash, native potatoes and chilis
Usuzukuri: thinly sliced sole, ponzu, rococo chili, concasse tomato, crispy garlic, olive oil
Carretilla Ceviche: Classic Peruvian marinated seafood with fried calamari.
Robata Amazonic Cebiche: Bijao leaf, catch of the day, octopus, amazing tiger’s milk, aji chapati, ponzu, yuca, cancha (toasted corn)
O-Toro, momilli oroshi with rocoto chili and ponzu
Scallops from Hokkaido, mac root emulsion, chalk sauce and seaweed.
Wagyu with quail egg injected with ponzu.
Foie gras with eel sauce
Octopus Anticucho: grilled on a skewer over native potatoes and olive emulsion
Gindara Misoyaki: black cod, Saikyo miso, amazonic nut, native potato cream, popcorn mushroom powder
Short Rib: 50 hour sous vide Kagoshima beef, nitsuke sauce, crispy garlic, native potato with rice naan, egg yolk, aji gel
Sea Urchin creamy rice with baby corn, aji amarillo, wanji and avocado cream
Cebiche: lime ice cream, sweet potato, Peruvian corn powder, aji limo macaroon, dragon fruit and tangerine nitro
Tofu Cheesecake ice cream, breadcrumb dust, sweet potato, apple with wakame, raspberry, mango and grape tapioca, soy milk.
Amador: Peruvian 70% cacao, yuzu, lucuma ice cream, mochis, Bahuaja nut and cacao nibs.

The Tasting Room **

Pictures of my first meal in Macau on 4/27/18 at 2 Michelin star restaurant ‘The Tasting Room’. This restaurant is working hard towards the third start and it will not be a surprise that they will get it soon. The menu was flawless.

The Tasting Room is located on the 3rd floor of the City of Dreams complex in Macau. A round restaurant with a lot of spaces among each table provides privacy and sense of luxury to the guests.
The Tasting Room
A 2 star Michelin and 5 star Forbes restaurant
Loved the customer plateware
Welcomed with champagne … cart
Amuse Bouche: passion fruit eclair, crispy potato with salmon roe, and tempura crab claw
Table side bread service is spectacular
The bread selection is truly phenomenal
Beet root on puff pastry with onion compote and beet sorbet
This is one of the most beautiful dishes: beef tartare, with chive cream, aphroaig gellee and Chinese caviar which is made specially for Chef.
‘Chorba’ style soup with shellfish and baby squid 🦑. The vegetable knife cuts on this North African style soup were perfect. The warm consomé is poured table side tonrelease all the aromas of spice and seafood.
Cabbage dumpling with langoustine, foie gras and truffle. Veloute was made from langoustine and foie gras as well. A very decadent dish that even-though was made with rich ingredients it was very light on the palate.
Beef 🥩 by Master Butcher Olivier Metzger. This highly allocated beef is aged for two weeks, just enough to highlight the flavors. Vichyssoise leeks and potato purée accompany alongside.
On the side is probably one of the best pommes soufflées 🥔 I have ever had. These double fried thin layers of potatoes had the most perfect texture 🙌
The first dessert of the night showcases tropical fruits of mango, passion fruit and coconut, all this treasure is hidden inside the lemon meringue tart. A very refreshing desserts 🍋 🥥
the last sweet bites of this amazing journey. A chocolate 🍫 and grand marnier soufflé with a 70% Ecuadorian chocolate ice cream.
The Tasting Room, Macau
Petit Fours


Pictures of my fantastic meal at Alo Restaurant in Toronto. This contemporary French restaurant is the best expression of what Toronto has to offer as a dining destination.

The open Kitchen at Alo restaurant in Toronto
Welcome canapés with two types of foie gras, maple, gougere, somme soufflé and caviar
Lameque oyster
Hokkaido sea scallop
Ora king salmon
Toro & Uni
East coast lobster with truffle and foie gras
Venetian caviar with scrambled eggs and croutons
Manchego tortellini with saffron and lardo
St. Canut pork belly with Carolina rice, brussels sprouts, cilantro and peanuts
60 day dry aged rib eye
bread service
cheese course
Meyer lemon, honey and bay leaf
chocolate, buckwheat and versus
Cara cara orange, parfait, espuma
Canele, Cinnamon donut
Alo Restaurant in Toronto


Momofuku Ko **

Dinner at 2 michelin star counter Momofuku Ko on Sunday 3/18/18.

Alley towards Momofuku Ko
Counter set up at Momofuku Ko
Pomme Soufflee
Lobster Polaise
Aperitif – St George Bruto Americano, Blood Orange
Chicken Oyster
Kitchen at Momofuko Ko
Ardoisieres ‘Argile’, Savoie, France 2016
Black Bass – consomme, finger chili
El Maestro Sierra Amontillado, Jerez, Spain
Sea Urchin – chickpea hozon, olive oil
Labet ‘Fleur de Savagnin’, Cotes du Jura, France, 2013
Ko Egg – white sturgeon caviar, potato chips, vinaigrette
Patrick Carbineau ‘Les Conquetes’, Touraine, France 1999
Beef – au poivre
Mutemuka Shuzo ‘Mutemuka’ Junmai Genshu, Kochi, Japan
Dungeness Crab – brown rice, bourbon. My favorite dish of the menu
Clos Cibonne ‘Cuvee Speciale des Vignettes’ Cotes de Provence, France, 2015
Bouillabaisse – lobster, potato, saffron, mustard
Bread – house-made, cheesecake aged butter
Belliviere ‘I’Effraie, Coteaux du Loir, France, 2015
Kitchen in action at Momofuku Ko
Duck – cabbage, blood orange
Duck Breast
Kumkuat – sorbet, black tea
Geoffroy Ratafia, Champagne, France
Foie Gras – lychee, pine nut, riesling
Enoki Shuzo ‘Hanahato’, Junmai Kijoshu, Hiroshima, Japan
Ice Cream – wild rice, kombu
St. Agrestis Amaro, Brooklyn, New York
Chocolate – mint, fernet branca
Momofuku Ko
Aging at Momofuku Ko
Art Wall at Momofuku Ko


White Rabbit

What do you do when you have 12 hours to spend in Moscow?… You go to the Best restaurant in Russia, of course.

Located under a glass dome on a 16th floor of Smolenskiy Passage, White Rabbit is the first joint project of restaurateur Boris Zarkov and chef Vladimir Mukhin.

Beautiful, modern and daring in its own way. Here for the first time Russian cuisine sounds in unison with the latest culinary trends and Russian products rise to a height of recognized delicacies. Every dish from White Rabbit menu is a result of a long work, gastronomical expeditions and a special respect for traditions.

WhiteRabbit is located on the 16th floor, two elevators will take you to your destination
In 2017, White Rabbit was placed in the 23rd place in The World’s 50 Best Restaurants
Cuttest centerpiece ever at White Rabbit
Pumpkin soup with truffle (one of the best sips ever) | Salty napoleon with beluga caviar 
Swan livers ryazhenka and Antonovka apple paste
Birch bread and herring milt & hare forschmack
Scallop, pomegranate and salted tomatoes
Caviar of sea urchin, sea buckthorn and sea water
I still dream about this dish…..Cabbage and  three types of caviar
Cod, sour malt and sour spelt
Duck, elderberry and coffee
Borodino bread, sour cream and sea water
Willow herb and honey
Willow herb and honey
Smells. A research about aromas
I picked the chocolate truffle aroma / perfume to take home
Sea buckthorn pearls
The dining room at White Rabbit
The dining room at White Rabbit
The Chef’s Table
White Rabbit, Moscow

The Inn at Little Washington **

My visit to The Inn at Little Washington on 2/25/2018. It is my first time this year and the Inn just gets better and better. Lead by Chef Patrick O’Connell, The Inn at Little Washington is known as temple of American cuisine. The hospitality shown at this place is second to known, you can truly breath happiness in the dining room.

Below pictures of the latest experience

“worth a special journey”. The Inn at Little Washington is located 90 minutes away from Washington DC in the Washington, VA town.
The Inn, with 23 rooms is a perfect getaway
welcome with some snacks in the living room
‘dinner & a show’. Truffle Popcorn is a classic start at the Inn at Little Washington.
potato cup with bison tartare and quail egg yolk
after a few bites in the living room is time to go to the main dining room.
The world’s smallest baked potato with caviar and creme fraiche. A classic but so perfect bite
Onion tart with caramelized onions and gruyere cheese espuma
Perfectly scramble eggs with uni and roe
Lentil soup with ham gougere. Such a comfortable and outstanding bite/sip
caramelized catalan custard with foie gras and port-soaked raisins
Firecracker Lobster: chilled Maine lobster and crispy rock shrimp with spaghetti squash and sesame-jalapeno vinaigrette
A duet of rabbit with chestnuts, apples and prune. One of the best dishes last night
A surprised from the kitchen. A5 Wagyu from Miyazaki prefecture quickly seared on a hot stone table side
A surprised from the kitchen. A5 Wagyu from Miyazaki prefecture quickly seared on a hot stone table side
2015 Domaine de la Janasse, Chateauneuf Du Pape
lamb loin with crepinette of merguez sausage, parsley puree, potato gratin.
dessert before dessert, raspberry
Some sweets to take home in the most beautiful box ever!
Kitchen at work at The Inn at Little Washington
view of the pass at The Inn at Little Washington
Me in the kitchen!

Alinea ***

My last visit to Alinea’s Gallery on 2/11/18 for the winter menu. A truly immersive and interactive “show” that is constantly challenging your senses every step of the way. Alinea never seizes to amaze.

Entrance to Alinea. Upstairs is the Salon, On the Right… The Gallery.
Artwork at Alinea
Alinea Restaurant in Chicago
We are surprised with the new set up for the winter menu
Everyone looks amazed at the “communal” set up at Alinea
‘Communal’: Meringue, which will pair with the parsnip soup
‘Communal’: Parnsnip, Osetra, Lemon, White Pepper
We are back in the dining room and everything had changed.
CenterpieceL which will release aromas to pair with the next course.
Word Finder which hides the all times on the menu. Fun and Interactive
Wet Snow: Asian Pear, Roe, Shiso
Spear: Romaine, Avocado, Tosaka
Glow: Spiced Orange. One explosive bite served on a glowing vessel after the lights have been turned off…. all the sense involve
Ranina Ranina: Also Know ans Frog Crab or Spanner Crab, Coconut, Curry
Another centerpiece make it to the table, in this case is a bowl lit on fire which warms up the room… and your heart… Room is in total darkness at the moment with only the fire illuminating our meal
Ink, Squid, Black, Garlic, Chrysanthemum
Black: Olive, Artichoke … disguised among real rocks
Smolder: Venison, Juniper, Huckleberry… cooked slowly on the fire right in front of us.
Paper: Langoustine, Bouillabaisse, Olive Oil …. The dehydrate langoustine takes on a pasta like texture after getting in contact with the broth which is poured table side. One of the best dishes of the night.
The Cape: Clam, Potato, Bacon, ‘Oyster Cracker’
Glass: Blueberry, Black Truffle, Maitake, Funghi, Matsutake, Lemon, Thyme. Served in a oversize plate
Umami: Foie Gras, Shio Kombu, Mushroom
Air: Goat Cheese, Menuka
Shot: Pienapple, Aloe, Shisho
Nostalgia / Campfire: Dark Chocolate, Birch, Marshmallow
Nostalgia / Balloon: Helium, Green Apple
The next course called ‘Paint’, involves the captains bring down some art work that has been hanging on the ceiling for the entire evening, this artwork will serve as the plate for the dessert
Paint: White Chocolate, Coconut, Silver
Paint: White Chocolate, Coconut, Silver
Nugget: Sesame, Brown Butter, Gold




Next: French Classique

Highlighting classic and historical French dishes, French Classique menu is full of technique and flavor. Recipes that are rarely seen nowadays come to life with the expertly touch of the team at Next to even elevate them a little higher. Loved it!

welcome centerpiece, classic Next, ice sculptures, melon
melon, vin jaune
creme de caviar moulees
serving the puree de marron a la briarde
puree de marron a la briarde: chestnut, pear butter, quail egg
puree de marron a la briarde: chestnut, pear butter, quail egg
sherry ice spheres to go along with your sparkling wine
homard bellevue a la parisienne: artichoke, smoked salmon, gougere
turbot normandy: brioche, mushroom, mussels
supreme de poussin albufera
truffle timbale
pigeonneau en croute a la perigourdine, gnocchi, chanterelle, hazelnut
pigeonneau en croute a la perigourdine, gnocchi, chanterelle, hazelnut
roti de chevreuil au foie gras portioned tableside
roti de chevreuil au foie gras: escarole, winter spices, lentils
ile flotantte

Atera **

This is my third visit to Atera and keeps being my favorite Kitchen Counter in NYC. Elegant setting with smart and attentive service in addition of one of the best beverage programs highlighting tea and non alcoholics. Food highlights the main ingredients with just a couple of components in each dish. Pure flavors.

Welcome Champagne
Lime & Juniper, hot & cold
Lime & Juniper, hot & cold
Salmon, nori, radish
“Champine”, white pine
Oyster, yuzu, shallot
aebleskiver, bacon, peppercorn
golden assert caviar, pistachio, IPA
cucumber fizz, kombu, lime
cucumber fizz, kombu, lime
tea service for pairing
monkfish, cucumber, creme fraiche
squid, yolk, kombu
“martini”, apple, warm spice
halibut, cauliflower, brown butter
pretzel, creme cheese, onion
whole wheat baton
“atera T&T”, green tomato, tobasco
“atera T&T”, green tomato, tobasco
squab, mushroom, sunchoke
tea pairing
oxtail, cabbage, finger lime
“milkshake”, chocolate, hazelnut
tea pairing
kitchen in action
mandarin, squash, seabuckthorn
banana, almond, bourbon
white chocolate, blood orange
red miso caramel
sorghum, peanut
mint, chocolate