The Inn at Little Washington VA

🇺🇸 | Virginia | 11.18.2018

“It’s still magic, even if you know how it’s done” – another visit to The Inn at Little Washington and chef Patrick O’Connell keeps surprising and delighting with new dishes in its Gastronaut’s menu. Like he said, it’s like going to grandmas house during the weekend. It feels like home.

Melao PR

🇵🇷 | Dorado | 11.11.2018

Melao restaurant by chef Mario Pagan is a proposal inside the Dorado Beach Club where fun, culture and tradition are re-imagined.

Loved the duck sliders, duck confit cannelloni and octopus carpaccio. Come here for light bites or a large meal.

Marmalade, PR

🇵🇷 | San Juan | 11.12.2018

Magnificent dinner at what I have become to consider my favorite restaurant in the Caribbean. The approach to local ingredients, flavors and execution is always the finest.

You can’t miss the ‘tiny white bean soup’. Other favorites are the ‘lobster risotto’, ‘sushi-esque paella’, ‘hand-rolled pasta’, and the ‘millionaire’s ice cream’ for a sweet ending. I have tried some of the best beet dishes and olives inside this doors.

The wine list is also very impressive with very highly allocated selections and every course has a wine pairing recommendation.

A must in Puerto Rico.

Cosme NYC

Cosme NYC | 11.5.2018

Modern Mexican in a warm and relax environment were service is efficient as it is informative. ‘Cobia al Pastor’ was wow for everyone at the table, ‘Duck Carnitas’ is always a must, and the ‘Husk Meringue’ is probably one of the most complex and perfect desserts out there. Mezcal section is strong with very rare bottles. Seat at the bar or dining room. It is always fun and delicious.

Per Se ***

Per Se – NYC – 11.4.2018

No secret that Per Se is one of my favorite restaurants in the USA and the world. The execution of food and service is with the most precise detail and the hospitality is felt since the moment we walk through those magical blue doors.

A tasting menu that starts with the ‘must have’ classic suspects as the perfect bites of the ‘Salmon Cornet’ and the luxurious ‘Oysters & Pearls’ which is one of the most perfected dishes in the world. Seasonality makes its presence with its unctuous ‘Pumpkin Velouté with white truffles’, perfect pieces of seafood where ‘Hawaiian Abalone’ is prepared to perfection. A ‘Foie Gras’ due shows off culinary skills as well as the perfect piece of ‘Pigeon’ & ‘Venison’.

One of the most complete and rounded restaurants are in the world. Worth a visit at any time of the year. But is always extra special when is white truffle season.

Next: Alinea 2005 – 2010

Next restaurant started its third menu of the year with a very ambitious representation of the dishes that Alinea was making from 2005 to 2010.

My first visit to Alinea was in 2009. I was particularly very exited for this menu as it gave me the opportunity to taste dishes that I only have read in books and no other restaurant could replicate. A few dishes transported me back in time while others made me realized (again) how far ahead Grant Achatz was at that time.

It is a unique menu. Once again Jenner Tomaska and team found a way to exceed the very high expectations they have created on themselves .

Alinea 2005 – 2010
PB&J – peanut, bread, grape
Oyster Cream – lychee, osetra caviar, chervil
English Peas – tofu, ham, “pillow” of alexander air
Cucumber – mango & several aromatics
Skate – banana, haricot verts, hurricane powder of lemon, capers and parsley
Hot Potato – cold potato, parmesan, black truffle.
Lamb – mastic, date, rosemary aroma
Verjus – lemon thyme, beets, olive oil
Creme Fraiche – smoked salmon, pink peppercorn, sorrel
Centerpiece – ginger
Tomato – balloon of mozzarella and complementary flavors
Wild Turbot – shellfish, water chestnut, floral vapor
Squab – thai long pepper, strawberry, oxalis pods
Beef – with elements of A1 sauce
Orange – olive oil, almond, picholine olive
Chocolate – chicory, dandelion, banana


Chicago, July 15th, 2018.


Pictures of my dinner at Somni on 4/10/18.The new 10 seat chef counter in LA by chef Jose Andres and Aitor Zabala. One of the most beautiful food you will see this year.

Somni, new Jose Andres chef counter in LA
Somni, means ‘Dream’ in Catalan
Hojita cocktail with mezcal and passion fruit
marcona almond shell with liquid center
the foie gras that wanted to be corn
beautiful meringues florets made of apple and beet
a classic spanish tapa. Pan tomate y jamon. Meringue bread, with tomato and ham
caviar & truffle
‘spot prawn and that’s it’, simple dish showcasing a great quality of product
live scallops
potato ‘croissant’ and suquet
pigtail curry bun
hibiscus margarita
kohlrabi and snap peas with mint and truffle
egg, sea urchin, truffle and cheese
ham with alubia beans spheres
pekin chili crab ‘taco’
A5 beef
japanese A5 and bone marrow
nori empanada with sesame butter
matcha doughnut
rice pudding ‘mochi’
Somni, LA



Dinner at Alter Chef Counter on 4/15/18. Alter is currently cooking the best food in Florida. Wine pairings were also a highlight.

Alter is currently cooking the best food in Miami.
Parmesan ice cream, tomato glass, avocado, shiso, seaweed salt
Snapper sashimi, feta, labneh, cucumber, kaffir lime, chili vinegar
One of my favorite bites of the night. Jason serrano consomme, Jonah cram shame, saffron, yuzu, celery, green apple
The crowds favorite and Alter’s signature: Soft Egg, sea scallop espuma, truffle pearls, Siberian caviar
Bread service with foie butter, bread is meant to be dipped in the ‘soft egg’
A beautiful play on textures and flavors. Swordfish, heart of palm puree, turmeric milk, pineapple, Chinese black bean
Soba ‘carbon’ara, uni dash, tamago egg, charred onion, perigord black truffle
Duck breast, grilled over pine cones, cured in sake lees, banana, shio shiro. Oe of the best ducks I’ve had this year.
Wagyu striploin au poivre, cashew ghanouj, african aigre-doux, yuzu kosho
palate cleanser
Chocolate curs, rooibos tea, cherry marmalade, black sesame gelato, shiso
Petit fours

Bo Innovation ***

Dinner at 3 michelin star Bo Innovation in Hong Kong on 3/29/18

The Kitchen at Bo Innovation
Plate from 1900s made in Japan and hand painted in Hong Kong
‘Smell my Granny’, hand towel ceremony using Florida water, a water cologne very popular in the 1900s
‘Chicken Foot’
‘Child’s Play’, a playful approach of popular Hong Kong dishes
‘Dim Sum Extreme’, caviar, taro, smoked quail egg
X-treme’ ‘xiao long bao’
‘Green eggs and Magnolia ham’
‘Green eggs and Magnolia ham’, century egg, pickled ginger – inside a book
‘Green eggs and Magnolia ham’
‘Aberdeen Floaters’, wild catamite queen spot prawn, kinki, soy salt, dried shrimp
‘Aberdeen Floaters’, ‘har mi’ vermicelli, pickled fuzzy melon
‘Ode to the Dragon’, oyster tofu, black garlic
‘Bamboo Matrix’, foie gras, ‘chu yeh ching’ miso, green apple, bamboo charcoal ‘mantau’
‘edible bamboo tooth picks’
‘60,000 a Year’, alaskan king crab, chili, garlic
‘Pat Chun’ sweetened vinegar
‘Postnatal Fancy’, ‘pat chun’, pig trotter, ginger, hollandaise.
‘Classic Upgrade’, haida gwaii wild cod, black bean miso, indian lettuce
‘The Imperial Beggars Banquet’, chicken a la king
‘Qing Cocktail’, mou tai baijiu, butterfly pea, hawthorn
‘Back on the Street’, brittany blue lobster, sea urchin mustard, sea cucumber, sweetbreads
‘The Chicken Bowl’, Bo rice chicken, sun dried abalone, air dried foie gras
‘The Chicken Bowl’, Bo rice chicken, sun dried abalone, air dried foie gras
‘Dragon’s Breath’, pineapple, LN2
‘8 Treasure’, glutinous rice pudding
‘No Shark Fin’, mango, coconut, grapefruit
‘Everything Lotus’
‘Everything Lotus’
‘Everything Lotus’
Bo Innovation