Thip Khao

September 10th, 2017
Washington DC, USA
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Thip Khao located in Columbia Heights

Thip Khao opened its doors in 2014 serving Laos Cuisine by Chef Seng. The menu here is extensive and full of variety with a broad selection of snacks, salads, stews, curries and entrees that make it perfect for a group to share. The Jungle menu caters for those more adventurous and willing to explore Lao’s cuisine a little deeper. Dishes are full of explosive and new flavors that creates an excitement every time a new dish arrives to the table.

Thip Khao dining room full of energy with several large groups as intended with menu meant to be shared


Lab E’kae: minced alligator, green mango, toasted rice & chili, scallion, lemongrass, galangal, cilantro, mint, rau ram
Naem Khao: crispy coconut rice, sour pork, peanut, lime, scallion, mint, cilantro
Mieng Muang Luang: savory rice paste, betel leaves, herbs
Sai Oua: herbal pork sausage, peanut, ginger
Piing Hua Jai Kai: grilled chicken hearts, lime
Thip Khao’s Sticky Rice. I could eat this for days!
Oob Bae: spicy goat curry stew, bell pepper, onion, cilantro
Gang Som Chicken: spicy tamarind soup, lemongrass, mushroom, fish sauce, scallion, toasted chili, thai basil
Nap Paa: Monkfish grilled inside banana leaves with rice, lemongrass, kaffir lime, ginger, dill
Muu Som: rice-cured sour pork belly, ginger, garlic, bell pepper, onion, hon shimeji, toasted chili, fried shallot
Khao Niew Loang Mak Euak: kabocha pumpkin, coconut sticky rice, salted coconut, crispy mung bean
Chocolate sticky rice steamed in banana leaves
Selection of Dolcezza gelato: fish sauce caramel, banana leaf, toasted rice, dar soy strawberry

What are your thoughts on Thip Khao? or have you been to any other Laos Restaurant in the area?

Pop Up Dinner: Bobby Pradachith & Paolo Dungca

July 1st, 2017
Washington DC, USA

dinner was hosted at Dolcezza Factory near Union Market

The Chefs

Bobby Pradachitch and Paolo Dugca from restaurants Tip Khao and Restaurant Eve respectively, joined forces to create and bring a little of their Lao/Filipino heritage to Washington DC.

The meal, for roughly 30 guests, took place in the Dolcezza Factory locate right behind Union Market. Two large communal table were the scenario of a meal full of sharing and engaging.

chefs Paolo Dungca (left) & Bobby Pradachitth (right)

Pre Dinner

The event started with a selection of snacks and drinks. You could see the chefs in action right since the beginning. Full of energy and smiles, it was a great start of a delicious evening.

My favorite bite by far was the tapioca with fish sauce and mung bean. The texture and flavors were excellent. Ants eggs made their appearance as well which it was a nice indicator that these chefs are not afraid to show it all.

welcome snacks & drinks prior dinner

The Main Event

Full with emotions and high expectations after a great start with several delicious snacks, we were invited into the main salon. Tables covered in leaves and vegetable baskets awaited our arrival while magical sticky rice baskets arrived at table. Dipping sauces are passed among each other, sparkling cider is poured, introductions, cheers, people laughing, people sharing, having a great time.

table set with covered with leaves which will be become our plate.
summer crudite, which was meant to enjoye with: sour coconut (my new favorite dipping sauce), xo, prahok kati, mak kua, strawberry sofrito

Chefs of Today & Tomorrow

The food kept coming, seafood, noodles, all made their appearance but the “Kamayan Feast” stole the show. A beautiful pork, each part of it perfectly cooked. Sauces, vegetables, rice, and more made a true ‘feast’.

These two chefs are already setting the standards and making headlines in their respective restaurant and cuisines right now. But experiencing them out of their comfort zone with a little more freedom during this pop up, make us wonder how much more they can achieve. Lots of creativity, great attention to the product and a tremendous pride for their cuisines makes these chefs a not only the ones to watch but the ones to bet for. The future is here… and luckily for is Asian.

sae bream, coconut, salted citrus
temomi noodle, rice-fermented ramp, sunchoke
Kamayan Feast: pig’s head, porchetta stuffed with laab, shank, neck

Sweet Ending

Back to the main lobby to enjoy a refreshing sorbet while the tables are reset after the feast. We are able to walk a little and get to know more people with the same love and admiration for these chefs. Back at the tables, a pretty lotus flower cookie with ube and jasmine marks the end of a not only fun but delicious event.

I am excited for the the future. As for now, I just can’t wait for their next pop up adventure.

picture with chef Bobby and all the former minibar crew

Have you been to any of these chefs restaurants in DC? If not what are your favorite Laos/Filipino restaurants?

My Favorite Places in DC

I quite often get ask that question: What are you favorite restaurants in DC? It is a very difficult question as DC has grown and so many amazing restaurants, coffee shops, and bars have open in the last few years. In addition, I am not from DC and I spend most of my days off out town.

Nevertheless, the list below can be considered as my favorites, but is mostly a list that I give to friends who are in town for one or two days. Short list of the places that I think you should not miss.


Colada Shop: opened its doors of their DC location a few months ago. Colada Shop brings Cuban/Miami flavors to the capital. The coffee here is different, and by different I mean better. Great cuban sandwiches and the most amazing guava pasteles. 

“Cortadito” at Colada Shop overlooking the artistic mural

A Baked Joint: sister store of baked & wired offers crafted coffee and pastries. Hip space and they do appreciate that you take the time to sip your coffee inside. Any selection will leave you pleased.

‘Latte’ and ‘Drip” coffees at A Baked Joint


Daikaya: Chef Katsuya Fukushima brings Sapporo-stye ramen to DC. This spot is by far my favorite ramen spot in DC. Walk in only and expect some wait on pick hours. The menu consists of 4 different item plus a list of topins. I love the Vegetable ramen with the addition of pork belly, corn and butter.


Sushi Taro: Chef Nobu Yamazaki curates the best sushi experience in DC. For a more elevated and interactive experience try the exclusive “omakase counter”. Reservations here are limited. I enjoy a lot to stop by for lunch and try their “Kaiseki” menu which is elegant and diverse.

sashimi, part of the sushi taro kaiseki menu


Jaleo: If you do not know yet, Chef Jose Andres runs this city with 6 restaurants in Penn Quarter and a several more near by. Jaleo was Chef Jose’s first restaurant which opened in 2003 and introduced America to spanish cuisine and most importantly, “tapas” and sharing at the table. Love everything on the menu but I will kill for the “Coca con Erizos”. The Anchovies with pan tomato are a great start and the homemade sausage with mash potatoes are always in my top five.

‘Coca con Erizos’ Pan de crystal with uni, iberico fat and butter

Zaytinya: which means olive oil and yes, it is another Jose Andres restaurant, but hey, did you expected less from the most awarded Chef in DC? Zaytinya offer Mediterranean dishes “Mezze” style focusing on Greece, Lebanon, and Turkey. The best pita bread flows constantly at the table and it is best enjoyed with “Htipiti”. Mushrooms and the best Brussels sprouts are found here. Love the Octopus Santorini as well as the Rice Pilaf and Lamb Kleftico.

Zaytinya entrance
Octopus Santorini


Rose’s Luxury: I have been a fan or Aaron Silverman for a while now and is probably because of this place. Rose’s Luxury brought to DC the Neo Bistro style location which had a great success in Europe and proved him right. This place does not only served really delicious food but also has a very accessible prices. Yes, you have to line up before 5pm when they open doors but I promise you, it worth every second of your time. Do as I may, and order one of each from the menu.

Entrance of Roses Luxury
‘Awesome’ sign at Roses Luxury

The Dabney: Chef owner Jeremiah Langhorne takes pride on working with the finest local producers and showcasing the best local products available on your plate. The open wood-fire kitchen allows them to stay true to its classic cooking methods. Reservations here are accessible and the bar seating is great for last minute walk-ins. Menu is diverse but not extensive. I usually order anything with vegetables here, bonus points when they are cooked over the fire.

Open Wood-fire Kitchen
Entrance at The Dabney

DESTINATION DINNING (or fine dining if you’ve like…. but define “fine” first)

Minibar: Jose Andres hub of innovation where dinner is not just a meal but a show. Only 12 seats at this restaurant’s chef counter where you get to experience chefs plating the food in front of you. Modern technique meets outstanding product. Expect the unexpected. A night full of surprises and innovation.

Minibar Team Plating Aleo Vera Dish
The Walls at Minibar are used to log R&D

Pineapple & Pearls: Chef Aaron Silverman newest restaurant next to Rose’s Luxury. The ambiance here is more curated towards the elegant but yet modern diner. A dozen courses with a healthy doze of table-side presentations make the dinner not only delicious but entertaining. If you are dining solo the seats at the chef counter gives you a closer look at the magic being worked in that kitchen.

View of the Dining Room and Kitchen at Pineapple and Pearls


Barmini: Located next to minibar, Jose Andres intimate cocktail lab dazzles with modern cocktails and incredible presentations. It is a bright intimate space. Cocktail flights showcasing their latest techniques and over one hundred cocktails on the menu makes this a unique place for a night out.

Al pouring a ‘chocolate cloud’ cocktail

Columbia Room: I personally love the tasting menu here as it is a more curated and developed selection of cocktails. The space is dark and beautiful and service very personalized. For a more relaxed experience try “the library”, which does not require a reservation, here you will find a larger list of libations and an amazing list of rare spirits.

First cocktail of the tasting Menu overlooking the beautiful mural at Columbia Room

Copy Cat: this is probably the bar I (and all industry) may frequent the most. Devin Gong and team craft perfect cocktails in a very casual environment. Classics are my choice here but they keep a ever changing list of creations on their wall behind the bar. I also “love” the soup here.

Cocktails at Copy Cat


Wise Guy Pizza: Pizza by the slice? NY style? you got it in this little corner on H street. Opens until “very” late. A wide selection of pizzas are available all day. I usually go for the Margherita and 5 other slices.

New Big Wong: yeap, I am not kidding, but this little Chinatown restaurant on H street is where you will find chefs and restaurant people after work. Scallop fired rice are the best I have tried here. Love the beef chow fun and the garlic scapes. This is probably the restaurant I have been the most.

Some of the abundant selections at New Big Wong

So, next time you are in DC for a short time, I may just send you this link. But DC has something for everyone.


Washington DC


“Mirabelle is a contemporary celebration of the American and French table offering refined fare from James Beard Award-winning Executive Chef Frank Ruta and Pastry Chef Aggie Chin. Influenced by modern American hospitality sensibilities, Mirabelle provides an inviting and sophisticated setting perfect for dining and entertaining in the heart of D.C.’s bustling downtown neighborhood, just two blocks north of the White House.”


“The new concept by restaurateur Hakan Ilhan (L’Hommage Bistro Francais, Ottoman Taverna, Al Dente and Alba Osteria), showcases Ruta and Chin’s approach to refined French fare and is intended to be a neighborhood gem and dining destination for any time of the day. It was at the White House where Ruta played an integral role on the kitchen team responsible for serving the First Families, world leaders and dignitaries under the Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush administrations.”



Bamboo #2 – Dolin Dry Vermouth, Gilles Brisson Pineau des Charentes, Angostura & Orange Bitters
Washington Mule – Noble Dame Calvados, Ginger, Lime, Angostura Bitters, Soda
Boulevardier – Redemption Bourbon, Campari, Byrrh Grand Quinquina

Tasting Menu

House smoked Tasmanian sea trout
Dauphine potato, lemon creek fraiche and smoked trout roe.

Tart of warm white asparagus from Provence
Ora King salmon, toasted seeds, and green almond oil

House Made Bread

Bread Service

Wild caught John Dory ‘Dieppoise’
Bouchot mussels royale, sauce Americaine and Kenner Square mushrooms 🍄

Wild Caught John Dory Dieppoise

Stuffed breast and confit shoulder of Shenandoah spring lamb
Spring nettle and mint emulsion and baby leeks & carrots. This was such an outstanding dish!

Stuffed Breast and Confit Shoulder of Shenandoah Spring Lamb

“Cheese from the cart”
🧀 mimolette, Normandy 🇫🇷
🧀 goot essa, ‘felsa yehr’, Pennsylvania 🇺🇸
🧀 goat lady, North Carolina 🇺🇸

“Cheese From The Cart”

Delicious palate cleansers ‘panna cotta’

‘Snickeresque souffle’ 🍫
Dark milk chocolate soufflé, peanut butter caramel sauce, candied peanuts, vanilla nougat glacé.



Farewell gift 🎁