Marchal *

🇩🇰 | Denmark | 8.5.2019

Marchal combines classic French technique with modern Nordic touches in a very refined and classic setting inside the hotel D’Angleterre. The a la carte menu features beautiful seafood but can’t miss their signature Canard a la presse.

Noma: Game & Forest – Denmark

🇩🇰 | Copenhagen | 11.22.2018

‘Never stop pushing’

Noma is probably, currently, the restaurant that is pushing the envelope the most right now in the culinary world.

Their current ‘Game & Forest’ menu is as daring and seductive as it comes. Get ready to try and learn about new flavors and preparations you probably did not think were possible. Dishes are work of art and plenty of interaction with the food ahead of you.

Reindeer feast from the tongue to the heart with a sauce enhanced by citrus ants. One the best caviar dishes this year. Duck in ways I have never imagined. Duck feet for dessert. These and more are some of the wonderful surprises this menu has to offer.

Be ready to think and get out of your comfort zone. Bring an open mind, because Noma is daring to do things no one else is.

Geranium *** Denmark

🇩🇰 | Copenhagen | 11.22.2018

The taste of elegance and precision.

My first meal here was in 2015 and quickly became one of my top meals of the year. I discovered the Scandinavian elegance and precision with flavors and techniques that were executed to perfection.

The 20-plus course Universe menu changes with the seasons, but expect an exploration of Scandinavia’s superb wild and organic produce in delicate and beautifully presented forms

The super perfected classics remain as the ‘marbled hake’ and the ‘raizor clam’, while new additions as the ‘caviar & pumpkin’ or the ‘trout sequence’ reinforces that they keep looking for new ways to surprise & delight.

The international team is as friendly and professional as it gets. Go for the wine pairing from their grand award cellar led by @sorenledet or for the juice pairing which includes not only delicious but fun table-side concoctions.