Alinea *** – Chicago

🇺🇸 | Chicago | 12.3.2018

‘Reinventing what a restaurant can be’

A tridimensional experience, that was a phrase that we kept mentioning during our last experience at Alinea. This went far beyond the food which was delicious and perfectly excecuted. And the hospitality which was warm and anticipatory, filled with small touches of magic all night long.

There are elements of sensory exploration along the menu that naturally fits more than ever before. The element of surprise and nostalgia are very well present, already a mark of Grant’s style. Senses of smell, sight, sound, touch, are all involved in the experience. A citrus bowl releasing aromas, dining in the dark, fire centerpiece, music pairings, fog machines, choreographed platings, I can keep going on and on about all the elements that makes this experience so unique in the world.

Alinea is not comfortable enough just by making delicious food. They are thinking on ways how this can be taken to a truly completely new level of dining experience and that is why they compete only with themselves.

Welcome to the most innovative restaurant in the world.

📍ALINEA @thealineagroup

⭐️@michelinguide 3 stars

🌎@theworlds50best # 34

💯@oadtop100 # 4

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