Per Se ***

Per Se – NYC – 11.4.2018

No secret that Per Se is one of my favorite restaurants in the USA and the world. The execution of food and service is with the most precise detail and the hospitality is felt since the moment we walk through those magical blue doors.

A tasting menu that starts with the ‘must have’ classic suspects as the perfect bites of the ‘Salmon Cornet’ and the luxurious ‘Oysters & Pearls’ which is one of the most perfected dishes in the world. Seasonality makes its presence with its unctuous ‘Pumpkin VeloutĂ© with white truffles’, perfect pieces of seafood where ‘Hawaiian Abalone’ is prepared to perfection. A ‘Foie Gras’ due shows off culinary skills as well as the perfect piece of ‘Pigeon’ & ‘Venison’.

One of the most complete and rounded restaurants are in the world. Worth a visit at any time of the year. But is always extra special when is white truffle season.

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