Dinner at Alter Chef Counter on 4/15/18. Alter is currently cooking the best food in Florida. Wine pairings were also a highlight.

Alter is currently cooking the best food in Miami.

Parmesan ice cream, tomato glass, avocado, shiso, seaweed salt

Snapper sashimi, feta, labneh, cucumber, kaffir lime, chili vinegar

One of my favorite bites of the night. Jason serrano consomme, Jonah cram shame, saffron, yuzu, celery, green apple

The crowds favorite and Alter’s signature: Soft Egg, sea scallop espuma, truffle pearls, Siberian caviar

Bread service with foie butter, bread is meant to be dipped in the ‘soft egg’

A beautiful play on textures and flavors. Swordfish, heart of palm puree, turmeric milk, pineapple, Chinese black bean

Soba ‘carbon’ara, uni dash, tamago egg, charred onion, perigord black truffle

Duck breast, grilled over pine cones, cured in sake lees, banana, shio shiro. Oe of the best ducks I’ve had this year.

Wagyu striploin au poivre, cashew ghanouj, african aigre-doux, yuzu kosho

palate cleanser

Chocolate curs, rooibos tea, cherry marmalade, black sesame gelato, shiso

Petit fours

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