Bo Innovation ***

Dinner at 3 michelin star Bo Innovation in Hong Kong on 3/29/18

The Kitchen at Bo Innovation

Plate from 1900s made in Japan and hand painted in Hong Kong

‘Smell my Granny’, hand towel ceremony using Florida water, a water cologne very popular in the 1900s

‘Chicken Foot’

‘Child’s Play’, a playful approach of popular Hong Kong dishes

‘Dim Sum Extreme’, caviar, taro, smoked quail egg

X-treme’ ‘xiao long bao’

‘Green eggs and Magnolia ham’

‘Green eggs and Magnolia ham’, century egg, pickled ginger – inside a book

‘Green eggs and Magnolia ham’

‘Aberdeen Floaters’, wild catamite queen spot prawn, kinki, soy salt, dried shrimp

‘Aberdeen Floaters’, ‘har mi’ vermicelli, pickled fuzzy melon

‘Ode to the Dragon’, oyster tofu, black garlic

‘Bamboo Matrix’, foie gras, ‘chu yeh ching’ miso, green apple, bamboo charcoal ‘mantau’

‘edible bamboo tooth picks’

‘60,000 a Year’, alaskan king crab, chili, garlic

‘Pat Chun’ sweetened vinegar

‘Postnatal Fancy’, ‘pat chun’, pig trotter, ginger, hollandaise.

‘Classic Upgrade’, haida gwaii wild cod, black bean miso, indian lettuce

‘The Imperial Beggars Banquet’, chicken a la king

‘Qing Cocktail’, mou tai baijiu, butterfly pea, hawthorn


‘Back on the Street’, brittany blue lobster, sea urchin mustard, sea cucumber, sweetbreads

‘The Chicken Bowl’, Bo rice chicken, sun dried abalone, air dried foie gras

‘The Chicken Bowl’, Bo rice chicken, sun dried abalone, air dried foie gras

‘Dragon’s Breath’, pineapple, LN2

‘8 Treasure’, glutinous rice pudding

‘No Shark Fin’, mango, coconut, grapefruit

‘Everything Lotus’

‘Everything Lotus’

‘Everything Lotus’


Bo Innovation

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