Alinea ***

My last visit to Alinea’s Gallery on 2/11/18 for the winter menu. A truly immersive and interactive “show” that is constantly challenging your senses every step of the way. Alinea never seizes to amaze.

Entrance to Alinea. Upstairs is the Salon, On the Right… The Gallery.


Artwork at Alinea

Alinea Restaurant in Chicago

We are surprised with the new set up for the winter menu

Everyone looks amazed at the “communal” set up at Alinea

‘Communal’: Meringue, which will pair with the parsnip soup


‘Communal’: Parnsnip, Osetra, Lemon, White Pepper

We are back in the dining room and everything had changed.

CenterpieceL which will release aromas to pair with the next course.

Word Finder which hides the all times on the menu. Fun and Interactive

Wet Snow: Asian Pear, Roe, Shiso

Spear: Romaine, Avocado, Tosaka

Glow: Spiced Orange. One explosive bite served on a glowing vessel after the lights have been turned off…. all the sense involve

Ranina Ranina: Also Know ans Frog Crab or Spanner Crab, Coconut, Curry

Another centerpiece make it to the table, in this case is a bowl lit on fire which warms up the room… and your heart… Room is in total darkness at the moment with only the fire illuminating our meal

Ink, Squid, Black, Garlic, Chrysanthemum

Black: Olive, Artichoke … disguised among real rocks

Smolder: Venison, Juniper, Huckleberry… cooked slowly on the fire right in front of us.

Paper: Langoustine, Bouillabaisse, Olive Oil …. The dehydrate langoustine takes on a pasta like texture after getting in contact with the broth which is poured table side. One of the best dishes of the night.


The Cape: Clam, Potato, Bacon, ‘Oyster Cracker’

Glass: Blueberry, Black Truffle, Maitake, Funghi, Matsutake, Lemon, Thyme. Served in a oversize plate

Umami: Foie Gras, Shio Kombu, Mushroom

Air: Goat Cheese, Menuka

Shot: Pienapple, Aloe, Shisho

Nostalgia / Campfire: Dark Chocolate, Birch, Marshmallow

Nostalgia / Balloon: Helium, Green Apple

The next course called ‘Paint’, involves the captains bring down some art work that has been hanging on the ceiling for the entire evening, this artwork will serve as the plate for the dessert

Paint: White Chocolate, Coconut, Silver

Paint: White Chocolate, Coconut, Silver

Nugget: Sesame, Brown Butter, Gold




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