Atera **

This is my third visit to Atera and keeps being my favorite Kitchen Counter in NYC. Elegant setting with smart and attentive service in addition of one of the best beverage programs highlighting tea and non alcoholics. Food highlights the main ingredients with just a couple of components in each dish. Pure flavors.

Welcome Champagne
Lime & Juniper, hot & cold
Lime & Juniper, hot & cold
Salmon, nori, radish
“Champine”, white pine
Oyster, yuzu, shallot
aebleskiver, bacon, peppercorn
golden assert caviar, pistachio, IPA
cucumber fizz, kombu, lime
cucumber fizz, kombu, lime
tea service for pairing
monkfish, cucumber, creme fraiche
squid, yolk, kombu
“martini”, apple, warm spice
halibut, cauliflower, brown butter
pretzel, creme cheese, onion
whole wheat baton
“atera T&T”, green tomato, tobasco
“atera T&T”, green tomato, tobasco
squab, mushroom, sunchoke
tea pairing
oxtail, cabbage, finger lime
“milkshake”, chocolate, hazelnut
tea pairing
kitchen in action
mandarin, squash, seabuckthorn
banana, almond, bourbon
white chocolate, blood orange
red miso caramel
sorghum, peanut
mint, chocolate




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