Pineapple & Pearls **

This is my 5th meal at Pineapple & Pearls and every time is just gets better and better. Loving how now they are brining a lot of table side presentations to the table. Every time I have visited the menu is almost completely new which show how much they push to create new dishes. Truly spectacular experience.


Pienapple & Pearls, 2 Michelin Stars by Aaron Silverman
Snacks: potato layers with caviar is one of the favorites
chips & dip
Abalone panna cotta with royal ossetra caviar
Madai Crudo with grapefruit and coconut cream
Barely cooked Salmon with trout roe and vin blanc
Bone-in turbot being carved table side. Love how Pineapple & Pearls is bringing back the all the beautiful table side preparations
Bone-in turbot with sauce grenobloise
crispy turbot skin with black sesame tahini
Beggars’ purse with egg yolk
Selle de Porc “a la Bocuse”. Beautiful classic presentation at the center of the table.
Selle de Porc “a la Bocuse” – platedĀ 
Cabernet Sauvignon, Renaissance Winery, Taken From Granite, Yuba, California 1997
Tete du moine, hazelnut praline & warm truffle honey
Fennel sorbet and labneh
Basil & Vermouth
Pecorino cake with pesto ice creams
Chocolates. That blue cheese chocolate was memorable.


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