‘Memories’ of 2017

2017 was a truly amazing year. Over 90 plane rides, 7 countries and I can not even count how many cities or restaurants I was able to experience. I eat more than what I can write, that is for sure.


Brand new scratch off map for tracking travels

Here is a list, month by month, about it’s highlight experience.


MAIDO, Lima – Peru

The first month of the year took me home, I was able to be in Lima three times this year and able dine multiple times at many restaurants. I visited Maido 3 times this year and each experience was truly outstanding. No wonder they were recently selected as the Best Restaurant in Latin America.

The tasting menu is truly a masterpiece that combines Peruvian and Japanese techniques into something you will never forget. Get ready to give Nikkei cuisine a place in your heart.


PER SE, New York City – USA

New York City is 3 hours away from my current location which made it the city I visited the most this year (10 times). Per Se has become a second home to me. It truly feels like family every-time I go back. This year I was lucky to have four meals at Per Se and each of them was truly superb. For me, Per Se is the highest expression of fine dining in the US.


MARCH 2017

CENTRAL – Lima – Peru

Central is currently the most iconic restaurant in Peru. Led by Virgilio Martinez and Pia Leon, Central is a study of Peruvian ingredients by altitudes in every region of the country. A truly unique and risky format, but executed to perfection.

I was able to visit Central 3 times this year and every time the menu was very different with very new ingredients but masterfully put together discovering new flavors and textures.


APRIL 2017

BRAE – Birregurra – Australia

April took me to the other side of the globe and landed in Australia, where the gastronomic and wine scene is playing a major role in the country and Brae was a clear example of the marvellous culinary experience they have to offer.

Just 90 minutes away from Melbourne, Chef dan Hunter is offering one of the best menus I have tasted this year, respecting the land around and true to its products and seasons. Brae is worth every minute of the ride.


MAY 2017

NOMA, Tulum – Mexico

Noma, Rene Redzepi’s masterpiece moved to Mexico for 7 weeks this past May to explore and lear from Yucatan’s ingredients and farmers. The result? A brand new restaurant that left its footprints for ever in Tulum’s economy and food industry by creating not only more jobs but systems for farmers and craftsmen around the Yucatan Peninsula.

Noma is getting ready to open in their new location in Copenhagen in 2018 and I can not wait to see what Rene have for us.


JUNE 2017

ALINEA, Chicago – USA

June took me back to Chicago, a city I visited 7 times this year. The culinary scene in Chicago is one of the highlights of the US right now and Grant Achatz is responsible of propelling this.

Alinea is his maximum expression with an experience that is not only innovative but also interactive. Pushing the boundaries of what a restaurant can be. My two times this year at The Gallery has been truly memorable.


JULY 2017

MARMALADE, San Juan – Puerto Rico

July took me for the second time to Puerto Rico, where I used to live for 3 years. Marmalade is a special place for me. Not only the food is truly super delicious, but Chef Peter has an unmeasurable passion for hospitality.

The ‘Little White Bean Soup’ is one of the best dishes I have ever tasted. Period.




Washington DC dining scene has grown in the past few years quite a bit. Last time I sat at Minibar was in August, the third time this year. It is incredible to see what the guest experience from the other side. The way the experience has evolved is truly spectacular.

Minibar is truly the best Chef counter I have sat in his year. Playful, imaginative, fun and delicious. It is truly a show not to be missed in the Capital of the USA.




September took me back to Chicago once more, this time for Alinea’s sister restaurant, NEXT, which put one of the best menus ‘ever’ this year. A Collection of dishes from restaurants in the Worlds 50 Best List. What a Challenge!



THE FAT DUCK, Bray – United Kingdom 

October took me to United Kingdom and to scratch off a restaurant from my bucket list. The Fat Duck. Heston Blumenthal culinary temple that pioneered the used of emotions as  an ingredient philosophy as well as a number of modern techniques widely used today.

The menu is a journey that takes you back in time. The Fat Duck is probably the best experience I have had this year. A truly transformative event.



ASTRID & GASTON, Lima – Peru

November took me for the third time to Lima and to Gaston Acurio’s iconic restaurant for the third time this year as well.  The menu showcases the mixture of Peruvian culture with those around the world in a magnificent tasting menu called ‘Lima Love’.



PUJOL (TACO OMAKASE), Mexico City – Mexico

December took me back to Mexico for the 5th time this year. Chef Enrique Olvera’s recently relocated PUJOL was the major highlight of this trip. The Taco Omakase counter where 9 different taco preparations are placed in front of you was so delicious I have done it two times this year already.


Hope you all have an amazing 2018 full of health, travels, and good food!



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  1. So wonderful to read about all these amazing culinary adventures you had this year! You truly had a superb 12 months of eating. I can’t wait to see what 2018 will bring. Hopefully, our paths will finally cross in Washington, DC this coming year!


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