Bad Saint (tasting menu)

December 17th, 2017
Chef Tom Cunanan

Bad Saint New Holiday Tasting Menu

Bad Saint, the Filipino restaurant led by Tom Cunanan unveiled a new ‘holiday’ menu. A Pre Fixe / Tasting of 7 courses which will run until January 8 (However, I truly hope they keep the tasting format).

Two choices: Omnivore and Vegetarian. Anyone you choose, will leave you with a great understanding of his style and what the new Filipino cuisine has to offer.

As usual, no reservations, so lines form outside well ahead before doors open. Warm service, great ambiance, and delicious food (that probably you have never had before) is the great reward for your patience.

Come hungry …

welcome tea, ginger – citrus
radishes, burnt coconut, honey (snack from the vegetarian menu)
Scallops, green mango, prickly pear
treviso, cashews, brown butter. one of the highlights of the night
fettuccini, crab fat, sea urchin
Delicious rice at bad saint
royal trumpet mushroom, shishito, farm egg
dumplings, mungo, yui choi
dumplings, mungo, yui choi
beef tongue, heirloom carrots, tomato
coconut, rice, persimmon
Bad Saint

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