Per Se (Salon) ***

December 10th, 2017
Chef Thomas Keller / Corey Chow
3 Stars Michelin Guide
No. 87 at The World’s 50 Best

Champagne Laurent Perrier Rose

Many… many years ago I had my first experience at Per Se when I visited New York for a couple of days. Per Se was one of my first fine dining restaurants ever, and I was very intimidated and excited at the same time. Holding 3 stars from the prestigious Michelin Guide and 4 stars from the New York Times (at that time) it was a culinary adventure. Many years have past, and after over half a dozen of visits, I consider Per Se the best example of ‘Fine Dining’ in the USA.

Pictures of my last meal at Per Se (Salon). Worth every single moment.


Salmon Cornet

Cheese & Crackers

Service at Per Se is always stellar, if not look at this 6 person drop

Lobster Bisque, shaved white truffles from Alba

Oysters & Pearls, sabayon of pearl tapioca with Island Creek oysters and Regiis Ova white sturgeon caviar

Tartare of citrus cure Shima Aji, persimmon puree

Hokkaido sea urchin, lovage panna cotta and crispy salsify

Marco de Bartoli, Vergine, Riserva, Marsala 1988

Hen egg custard, ragout of black winter truffles

Domaine Ganevat, Chardonnay / Savagnin, Cuvee de Garde, Cotes du Jura 2010

Fricassee of pacific abalone, roasted cepes, wilted arrowleaf spinach and hollandaise with shaved black winter truffles

Bread & Butter, smoked paprika parker house roll and Diane St. Clair’s Animal farm butter

synchronize truffle shaving. White & Black

Carnali risotto biologico, shaved black winter truffles and parmesan mousseline

Hand-cut tagliatelle, shaved white truffles from Alba, Castelmagno and Beurre Noisette

Paitin, Soiri Paitin, Barbaresco 2001

Horsepower, Grenache, Sur Echalas Vineyard, Walla Walla Valley 2013

La Dame de Montrose, Saint Estephe 2010

Sirloin of Miyazaki Wagyu, melted caraflex cabbage, ruby beets, pearl onions and steak sauce

Sirloin of Miyazaki Wagyu, melted caraflex cabbage, ruby beets, pearl onions and steak sauce

Prime Rib of Elysian Fields Farms lamb, spaghetti squash rosti, pickled cranberries, winter chicories, and Jus d’Agneau

Gougere, aged gruyere with shaved black winter truffles

Selection of desserts from Per Se

‘The Last Word’, green chartreuse trifle, finger limes, juniper-scented pears

Chicory-Chocolate pudding, caramelized banana mousse, Nicoise olives, crunchy hazelnut praline

Frozen Orange Custard, cocoa nibs, maple nougatine, gingersnap crumble

Selection of chocolate bon bons

View of Columbus Circle

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  1. Chef Corey Chow is an inspiration!


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