The Clove Club *

October 7th, 2017
London, United Kingdom
No 26 at The World’s 50 Best Restaurants

1 Star Michelin Guide
Chef: Isaac McHale

The Clove Club Dining Room in London.

The Clove Club in London started started as a ‘supper club’ and found residence in Shoreditch, London in 2013 quickly becoming one for he best restaurant in the area.

Chef Isaac, who has previously worked at London’s The Ledbury as well as world renown Noma in Copenhagen, focuses on unique offerings of the area’s vegetables, game and seafood into a very simple and minimalistic presentations but with very complex and intense flavors.

The Clove Club not only is a success because of their well crafted menu of 5 or 7 courses but the hospitality here goes above and beyond taking a modern approach where the team will let you be your self at the table and even let you top off your own wine and water, no pressure.

With a beautiful blue tiled open kitchen, guests in the dining room can enjoy all the work being done by the kitchen, a bar area also offers great cocktails and tasting menus and all the reservations are done using the Tock ticketing system.

crab tart with brown crab hollandaise & deviled spices
buttermilk fried chicken in pine salt
a homage to chef’s native Scotland: warm haggis buns
flamed mackerel sashimi, english mustard, cucumber & chrysanthemum
one of the signature dishes and an impressive flavor combination: raw Orkney scallop, hazelnut, clementine & Wiltshire truffle.
cornish sardine sashimi & worcestershire sauce. Additional a dash broth made with the bones of the sardine in order to utilize the whole product. The sardine flavor was very unique and deliciously intense.
fresh cuts of Magalica pork. This Hungarian breed is my favorite one around.
hazelwood grilled pollock, green peppercorn hollandaise & Morecambe Bay shrimp sauce
a little buckwheat pancake of crisp suckling pig belly. Dish inspired in a trip to Mexico’s Pujol.
tender lamb belly with super crispy and crunchy skin
roast fallow pricket, celeriac, blackberries & smoked bone marrow
fig leaf granita, sheep’s milk yoghurt & figs
warm potato mousse, caramel ice cream & coffee
heated barley cake, salted caramel chocolate, Dr. Henderson’s bon bon
The open kitchen at The Clove Club in London

Have you ever been to the Clove Club? How much did you like it?

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