October 7th, 2017
London, United Kingdom
No 54 at The World’s 50 Best Restaurants

1 Star Michelin Guide
Chef: James Lowe

Lyle’s is located in Shoreditch, London

This cool and unpretentious restaurant led by Chef James Lowe serves an A La Carte lunch menu and a Set tasting menu for dinner for less than $80. It is probably the best deal in town.

Chef James Lowe has worked under some of the most prominent Chefs in the UK as Heston Blumenthal (The Fat Duck) and Fergus Henderson (St. John). It is in the latest that we can see most of the influence on his current menu with the great focus on high quality humble ingredients and whole utilization of products.


Lyle’s view of open kitchen and dining room

The restaurant is young and hipped, with wooden tables and white walls. Service is casual but very warm and genuine. The open kitchen allows the guests to be part of the experience. The wine list is obscure and delicious. The menu is short but fulfilling, And the way Chef Lowe turns humble ingredients into minimalistic dishes that you want to come back for, is a re-assurement of the accolades and praise Lyle’s has gotten in the past few years.

This is a place that you want to come back… and some back often.


Roasted cauliflower on cauliflower puree


Fried octopus and cobnuts


Hispi cabbage with dulse butter


pumpkin with whey and cobnuts


girolles, parasol mushrooms and Cotswold Legbar Egg


black fig with fig leaf ice cream


final sweet

Have you ever been to Lyle’? If so what are your thoughts?

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