Pujol: Taco Omakase

September 25th, 2017
Mexico City, Mexico
No 20 at The World’s 50 Best Restaurants

No 5 at The Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants

Pujol’s ‘Barra de Tacos’ has 11 seats where guests are treated to a set menu of tacos and beverages.

With a very dynamic gastronomic scene and a growing number of restaurants and chefs, Mexico City has become one of the most important food cities in the past few years and reason behind my fourth trip to this amazing country in 2017.

Enrique Olvera, for many, has been the master mind behind the growth of haute cuisine in Mexico, taking humble ingredients and street food to a level never seen before in our gastronomic universe.

After the successful opening of Cosme, Enrique’s restaurant in NYC, Pujol relocated a few months ago within the same upscale district of Polanco, taking in a more youthful but refined ambiance with plenty of natural bright light and minimalistic approach in a wooden driven dining room.

Pujol is the crown jewel of Mexico City and Enrique Olvera
Set up at the bar for the Taco Omakase. 

Taco Omakase

A word usually reserved for sushi places, the taco omakase (or barra de tacos) is a set menu of about 8 tacos servings and beverage pairings that includes cocktails, beers, and wine.

I truly found this concept ‘genius’. Who else is doing ‘taco’ tasting? The progression of Tacos were crafted perfectly showcasing different tortillas as well as different key local products and sauces. The Taco Omakase has been one of the best culinary experiences I had this year. I truly urge you to experience it.

The bar at Pujol is well adorned with a unique selection of spirits
Botanas: Avocado ‘flauta’ with chapulines (grasshoppers) 
Elote tatemado with coffee mayonnaise and chicatana ant powder
Scallop tostada with onions, avocado and parsley
‘Tetela’ with black bean and sea urchin
Aubergine taco, with white corn tortilla, hola santa and avocado
Taco de ‘Carnitas’, pork confit, red onions, capers on a blue corn tortilla
Lamb Barbacoa, on aromatic corn tortilla, avocado and squash blossoms 
Soft Shell Crab Taco with a watercress sauce on a yellow corn tortilla
‘Mole Madre, Mole Nuevo Taco’, on hoja santa. This Mole Madre or ‘old mole’ was 1392 days old. Similar to a ‘solera’ method, the new mole is added daily to the old one to create a unique consistency and level of complexity.
burned orange sorbet with chile ‘guajillo’ snow
Pujol’s patio is a very relaxed environment to finish the meal
Corn ‘nicuatole’ with corn sorbet, cinnamon and yaka (jackfruit)
The ultra-famous and also classic “Churro”
My mother who joined me on this visit to Pujol.

Have you been to Pujol in Mexico city or Enrique’s Cosme in NYC? What are your thoughts?

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3 thoughts on “Pujol: Taco Omakase”

  1. I went in 2013. That mole madre was only about 180 days old. I really should get back and try it again. There was a fermented banana dish with chile chilhuacle, macadamia and sour cream towards the end of the menu that I had to order again, really original and tasty. I really like the new digs and format. That tetela sounds insane. Cheers.


  2. We went last night to the taco Omekase. I have been to Pujol and Cosme but this was simply a step above. What a unique experience.


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