August 27th, 2017
Old San juan, Puerto Rico


Marmalade restaurant in old San Juan. View from the bar area.

The Best Restaurant in The Caribbean

Lets face it. If you have been here you know it. If you haven’t, then you need to plan trip to Puerto Rico very soon. Marmalade Restaurant is the best Restaurant in the Caribbean.

It has been one of my favorite places for several years now. I have truly lost count on how many times I visited the restaurant as I lived in Puerto Rico for 3 lucky years. I would never forget the very first time I dined here. I was so impressed by the passion that showed in each plate. The attention and focus on ingredients was inspiring, the wine list was admirable and the warmth that Chef radiated as he chat with every table in the restaurant was impressive.


The “Popcorn Shrimp” – cilantro & garlic grilled shrimp lacquered with anejo tequila rest atop poblano guacamole and ancho-chili spiced popcorn


Pacific Yellowtail Poke – served island style with ginger, lemongrass & organic soy mixed with compressed watermelon

The Chef

Chef Peter Schintler grew up in Iowa and attended culinary school in Baltimore. At a young age he was able to work under impressive Master Chefs in New York, Ireland and England. His journey also included running one of the best Resorts in America as well as one of the most successful restaurants in Asia.

After cooking around the world Chef found a home in Puerto Rico where he has been working closely with local farmers in order to source the best possible products locally. In a island that imports most of their food and frying is an specialty, Chef Peter found a new way of doing things bringing a great focus on vegetables and focus on local products. Still remains one of the best vegetarian tasting menus I have ever tried.


Paella  – “sushi esque” bite size pieces of crispy Andalusian style paella filled with smoked chicken, peas & peppers flavored with a saffron- garlic espuma & a chorizo-tomato sauce


Heirloom Golden Beets  – raw hearts of palm, local avocado, organic radish carpaccio, goat cheese, grapefruit & almond vinaigrette


Heirloom Tomatoes – medley of sweet and savory heirloom varietals layered with buffalo milk mozzarella dressed with Spanish olive oil, fresh local passion fruit & basil sprouts

That Famous Soup…

One of the items that are in my all time top 10 dishes is the “Tiny White Bean Soup”. It is simply addictive ! White bean with black truffles, scallions and pancetta (big bowl please!)

I have heard stories that people fly the soup to their countries and big companies have tried to buy the recipe to make it available worldwide (maybe all rumors). They do give you sometimes a card with the recipe but as we all know there is always the secret ingredient missing.


Tiny White Bean Soup  – scallions, black truffle oil & pancetta “dust”

The menu at Marmalade is Pre-Fixe and you can choose a four, five or six from all the items in it. All courses in the menu has a pairing recommendation. I have always admired Chef’s Peter love for wine as much as for food. He always showing bottles rarely available in the market and the pairings are simply on point.


Hudson Valley Duck Cocotte – boneless duck legs layered with baked parsnips, cabbage and nutmeg yams bound with a foie gras gravy


Horseradish-Potato Gnocchi – shiraz braised beef ribs, wilted peppery greens & crispy beetroot

Desserts don’t fall behind on this menu. “The Millionaire’s Ice Cream” has always been one of my top desserts. Vanilla Ice cream with hazelnut and honeycomb topped with a generous portion of truffles. Life is good in Puerto Rico!


“The Millionaires Ice Cream” – double dose of fresh fall truffles….churned into the ice cream with hazelnuts and honeycomb while resting under a sheath of freshly shaved truffles over the top


Good friends sharing amazing food at Marmalade Restaurant in Puerto Rico

Have you been to Marmalade Restaurant before? if not what are your favorite restaurants in the Caribbean?

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  1. My experiences at this restaurant have been very disappointing, have been there two or three times joining other diners and believe this restaurant is far overrated.


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