Pop Up Dinner: Bobby Pradachith & Paolo Dungca

July 1st, 2017
Washington DC, USA


dinner was hosted at Dolcezza Factory near Union Market

The Chefs

Bobby Pradachitch and Paolo Dugca from restaurants Tip Khao and Restaurant Eve respectively, joined forces to create and bring a little of their Lao/Filipino heritage to Washington DC.

The meal, for roughly 30 guests, took place in the Dolcezza Factory locate right behind Union Market. Two large communal table were the scenario of a meal full of sharing and engaging.


chefs Paolo Dungca (left) & Bobby Pradachitth (right)

Pre Dinner

The event started with a selection of snacks and drinks. You could see the chefs in action right since the beginning. Full of energy and smiles, it was a great start of a delicious evening.

My favorite bite by far was the tapioca with fish sauce and mung bean. The texture and flavors were excellent. Ants eggs made their appearance as well which it was a nice indicator that these chefs are not afraid to show it all.


welcome snacks & drinks prior dinner

The Main Event

Full with emotions and high expectations after a great start with several delicious snacks, we were invited into the main salon. Tables covered in leaves and vegetable baskets awaited our arrival while magical sticky rice baskets arrived at table. Dipping sauces are passed among each other, sparkling cider is poured, introductions, cheers, people laughing, people sharing, having a great time.


table set with covered with leaves which will be become our plate.


summer crudite, which was meant to enjoye with: sour coconut (my new favorite dipping sauce), xo, prahok kati, mak kua, strawberry sofrito

Chefs of Today & Tomorrow

The food kept coming, seafood, noodles, all made their appearance but the “Kamayan Feast” stole the show. A beautiful pork, each part of it perfectly cooked. Sauces, vegetables, rice, and more made a true ‘feast’.

These two chefs are already setting the standards and making headlines in their respective restaurant and cuisines right now. But experiencing them out of their comfort zone with a little more freedom during this pop up, make us wonder how much more they can achieve. Lots of creativity, great attention to the product and a tremendous pride for their cuisines makes these chefs a not only the ones to watch but the ones to bet for. The future is here… and luckily for is Asian.


sae bream, coconut, salted citrus


temomi noodle, rice-fermented ramp, sunchoke


Kamayan Feast: pig’s head, porchetta stuffed with laab, shank, neck

Sweet Ending

Back to the main lobby to enjoy a refreshing sorbet while the tables are reset after the feast. We are able to walk a little and get to know more people with the same love and admiration for these chefs. Back at the tables, a pretty lotus flower cookie with ube and jasmine marks the end of a not only fun but delicious event.

I am excited for the the future. As for now, I just can’t wait for their next pop up adventure.


picture with chef Bobby and all the former minibar crew

Have you been to any of these chefs restaurants in DC? If not what are your favorite Laos/Filipino restaurants?

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  1. Great pictures and write-up! I love both Thip Khao and Restaurant Eve, so it’s terrific to see those respective chefs team up and do a pop-up. Thip Khao is probably my favorite Asian restaurant in DC, and Restaurant Eve’s Filipino family meal was some of the best Filipino cooking in the capital region when it was still offered. I hope pop-ups like these will continue.


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