Noma Mexico

Tulum, Mexico (May 7th, 2017)


fresh local fruits at Noma Mexico entrance

Noma, the famous Copenhagen restaurant led by Rene Redzepi, has opened its door in Tulum, Mexico for seven weeks of service. This is nothing new to the Noma team, as this is their third international pop up following successful services in London (2012), Japan (2015) and Australia (2016).


arriving to Tulum






Tulum is located in Quintana Roo about a 1.5 hours drive south from Cancun which is the main entrance airport of the area. Surrounded by sky blue waters it is a perfect tourist destination to enjoy what the Riviera Maya has to offer. You will find comfortable bed and breakfast and an a healthy supplement of beach restaurant and bars.



table setting at Noma Mexico.Every item on the table was specially made by local craftsmen


Salute with dry tomatoes and chapulines


Noma restaurant, which means “Nordic Food”, has been a trailblazer since opening its door in Copenhagen in 2003 and became known for its reinvention and reinterpretation of Nordic Cuisine and using Scandinavian products. A very similar approach was taken in opening this restaurant in Mexico. Products and service-ware seen on the menu are from local farmers, producers and craftsmen.



Cold masa broth with lime and fresh flowers


tropical fruits and Arbol chile


Noma announced last year that will be relocating in Copenhagen and this is one of the reasons that allowed the team to be able to do such a big transplant in Mexico. The Noma team brought every member of their staff ┬áto Tulum to take part of this project. In addition, Rene team up with Rosio Sanchez (from the now famous “Hija de Sanchez” and former Noma) for this project taking advantage of Rosio’s roots.

We can only imagine all the new ideas and techniques that the Noma team has been acquiring in their international pop ups and how they will be utilizing them in the new Noma 2.0 coming up.


Banana ceviche. Banana treated like the finest piece of sushi with two people dedicated just to slice them every day




It is very difficult to say which item was my favorite (probably the young coconut) but I have to say that I love the approach of every single dishe. Noma Mexico introduces you to an array of ingredients that most likely you have not tried or heard before. Or if you have heard of them you have never tried them in this specific preparation before. Anyhow, Noma Mexico brings awareness to an international public, not only about products but, what is most important, the hard worker producers and the families behind every single product and service-ware.



table presentation at Noma Mexico


The restaurant is right across the Tulum beach in front of “La Zebra” hotel. In the middle of sand and trees, Noma has built and one of a kind restaurant and kitchen. Dress for the occasion but remember you are on the sand and the heat is intense. No wonders why the Noma team works in shorts and open shoes.


“Escamoles” toast



‘Cerdon Pelon’ presented to the tables earlier in the meal



Noma got the experts to make tortilla to order



Grilled avocado dessert with mammy seeds



Noma also built a bar where now they receive walk-ins for a limited menu every night. The line starts at 10 am for the lucky few who wants to put their name down for such an amazing experience.

After our meal we were invited to the bar to enjoy some of the cocktails with local inspiration.

$750 a person plus plane tickets and hotel accommodation seems extreme at first. But Noma keeps changing the way of food and restaurant experiences and this was not an exception. Once you see everything that goes into creating this restaurant and the implication beyond that, you just feel lucky you were able to grab a ticket.

Can’t wait for the reopening of Noma!


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