New York, USA (June 23rd, 2017)
2 Michelin Stars

The dining room at Jungsik NYC

Located in Tribeca NYC, Jungsik offers a modern and unique understanding of contemporary Korean cuisine – innovative chef Yim has christened it as New Korean. The name for the restaurant, Jungsik, is a play on words. In the Korean language Jung Sik is a formal dinner and it is also the name of the chef.

Banchan: traditionally several small dishes served with Korean cuisine. “served as an amuse bouche”

Reinventing Korean Food

Chef Yim, started his culinary career in the Army extending his formal training at NY’s famous Culinary Institute. This was followed by externships at michelin restaurants in NYC as Aquavit and Bouley as well as Spain’s Zuberoa and 3 star Akelarre. Chef Yim returned to Seoul and in 2009 he opened his eponymous restaurant “Jung Sik Dang” instantly wowing diners from all over the world with his innovative the on Korean cuisine which he named “New Korean”

Caviar & Toro
White Asparagus with barely cooked squid and dash broth
Octopus with gochujang aioli. Poached for about one hour and deep fried this is one of the best octopus dishes around.

New Hansik

New Korean, or as mentioned by Chef Yim “New Hansik”,  is all about redeveloping, refining, retouching and reinventing traditional Korean food. We can see his approach is more minimalistic and a lot of the focus goes into the product itself. Most dishes had very few ingredients with great flavors focused on the main protein or product and with great precision in the accompanying sauces.

Branzino with aged sauce
Tuna Kim Bap taken to the next level with perfectly crisp seaweed and truffle infused rice
Wagyu Galbi on white rice which instantly brings memories for all those who have been to any Korean restaurant before


The sweets are inventive and playful. Definitely a change of pace in the meal as the room and service style leans towards the formal side. It was a great end of the meal with traditional Korean flavors reinvented. Jungsik brings a new meaning to Korean food to the United States.



Entrance at Jungsik NYC
Dining Room at Jungsik

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